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    Curup Mangkok, Beautiful Waterfall in Pagaralam

    Curup Mangkok is one of the waterfalls at the foot of Mount Dempo, Pagaralam, South Sumatra. Curup or commonly called the waterfall flowing from large rocks and there are some trees on the left and right. The road to get there by climbing the mountain, but to reach the place has made a steep road, but can be passed by car to the edge of lake from the waterfall. This Curup Mangkok has the cold water to soak in the refrigerator, although superficial but the water is very cold. Around the lake there are colorful coral stones, this lake is located in the valley.

    When we look at the source of the waterfall there is a gap formed beam of trees adjoining waterfall flowing. The waterfall is named Curup Mangkok because its shape resembles a bowl (mangkok) that has a pool exact below of waterfall swift. For visitors who want to pamper themselves with the cool mountain water while swimming here is also very interesting. Location Curup Mangkok is also not far from Embun Waterfall, approximately 100 meters.

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    Very nice pictures

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    Nice picture of waterfalls. It is very lovely and beautiful......

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    very beautiful waterfalls

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    Curup Mangkok Pagaralam

    Curup Mangkok Pagaralam located at the foot of Mount Dempo is a tourist spot that is always crowded by tourists from outside Pagaralam area. Curup Mangkok Pagaralam may also already be familiar to you and surely you already know the location of this waterfall settled.

    Curup Mangkok Pagaralam which is located in Perahdipo, South Dempo Subdistrict, has 100 meters height. Curup Mangkok Pagaralam is said in curved bowl shape because the water falls from height and formed a bowl that becomes a reservoir of water, unlike other waterfalls or curves where the flow of the waterfall flows directly downstream.

    When we look at the source of the waterfall there is a gap of light that is formed from the trees in the middle of the flowing waterfall.
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