Tulungagung is the name of one regency in East Java Province. The regency consists of lowlands to mountains. Therefore, beside to a beautiful beaches, Tulungagung also has the charm of mountain scenery is no less beautiful. One of them is the scenery that we can get from the summit of Mount Budheg. Mount Budheg or commonly known as Mount Cikrak or it can say Mount wastebaske. It is one of the mountain has an elevation of about 585 meters above sea level and is located in the village of Boyolangu, Boyolangu District, Tulungagung Province.

By the locals around called by the name of Mount Cikrak (wastebasket) because the top of hill is shaped like a dust pan or a tool commonly used to dispose of waste in the local language. While the name of Mount Budheg itself is said comes from folklore Tulungagung about a princess named Roro Ringgit pursued by Adipati Kalang. Roro Ringgit hiding home of a widow who had a son named Joko Bodho who falls in love with Roro Ringgit. But Roro Ringgit precondition to Joko Bodho to silent fasting for 40 days if they want to marry her. At the time of the silent ascetic Joko Bodho turned to stone because when summoned her mother never answer like the deaf (budheg).

Mount Budheg can be a location or a place to practice for novice climbers to warm up. Path that must be traversed to get Mount Budheg peak is an uphill road passing through a thorn bush interspersed with creeping fairly steep cliff. But the tiring journey will be paid with beautiful scenery that we can get from the summit of Mount Budheg like sunrise in the morning or the green landscape of trees that exist around Mount Budheg. Beside if we stay on Mount Budheg peak we could see the view glare flickering lights at night.