Curug Dago is a waterfall located on the Bukit Dago (Dago Hill). This waterfall is formed from the river that flows from Maribaya Cikapundung entered the city of Bandung. Dago waterfall is tufaan stone materials such as other areas in Forest Park Ir. H. Juanda is formed from the time of the quarter and is the result of the eruption of Mount Tangkuban Parahu.

Dago waterfall has a height of only about 12 m and located at an altitude of only about 800 m above sea level, Dago waterfall traces the history of the Kingdom of Thailand. Not far from the location of the waterfall, there are two relics of the slate inscription of about 1818. According to the historian, the inscriptions are said to be the relics of King Rama V (King Chulalonkorn) and King Rama VII (Pradjathipok Pharaminthara) who've been to Dago Waterfall.

This waterfall is very large water discharge, but unfortunately a large flow of water is very dirty. According to local information, this occurs because the flow of the river Cikapundung as a source of water Dago waterfall is polluted. Once at the beginning of the 20th century this waterfall is very interesting because of its elegance invites a lot of travelers who come, even from abroad. Unfortunately the potential attraction is left untreated and neglected.