Trocoh waterfall is also known by the citizens of Temanggung as Surodipo waterfall which is closely connected with the history of guerrilla warfare plans of Prince Diponegoro in the Dutch colonial era. Trocoh or Surodipo waterfall has a height of approximately 120 meters which is always out of the water and never dry. Despite the dry season, the waterfall in the highlands of waterford is never dry, especially in the rainy season the water certainly be very abundant.

Location waterfall that dogged the semicircle form of a beautiful rock cliffs form a relief as well as a variety of exotic plants grown large in tebian cliff. Several large natural rocks that are at the lower end of the waterfall can be utilized visitors who come to relax on it while letting sweep water from splashing waterfall splashed down the body.

Not only the beauty of Trocoh waterfall that can be enjoyed by visitors, the beauty of the natural surroundings can be a relaxation of media appropriate to eliminate the fatigue felt by the body. Extensive views of the plains below can also be seen by visitors to the site waterfall located. Very challenging and beautiful way to the location of Trocoh waterfall.