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    Beautiful Goa Cemara Beach in Bantul - Yogyakarta

    In the southern region of Bantul, Yogyakarta lined some beaches that has the beauty and uniqueness of each, and one of them is Goa Cemara beach (pine cave beach).

    Goa Cemara beach is one of beautiful beaches located in Gadingsari village, Sanden district, Bantul of Yogyakarta. The beach is flanked by Kwaru beach and Pandansari. Like most beaches in the area of Bantul, Goa Cemara Beach has black sand with waves big enough. Which makes this beach special is the presence of pine lush evergreen plants in coastal areas. Name of Goa Cemara or Pine Cave Beach was taken from the thick pine trees on the beach.

    When the path to the beach was opened, the encroachers who thrashed evergreen leaves a trail of a big hole in the middle of a grove of pine like cave. If you come to this beach, visitors can enjoy the beauty of the sea waves off the Indian Ocean, and also enjoy the cool atmosphere under the leafy evergreen plant pine. Sea breezes that blow will make you linger in any area fir shrimp plant.

    Currently Goa Cemara Beach tourism are managed by local people who are members of the Travel Awareness Group (POKDARWIS) Goa Cemara Beach assisted by Bantul Regency.

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    Not many people here. Great Environment, very Natural. Good Place to go.

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