Drini Beach is a unique beach because in one beach there are two different faces. If the west in the form of a haven of fishing boats and the fish auction with the character of large waves, then on the east side there is a gorgeous beach adorned with white sand, the waves are playing softly, and the colorful fish that swim among the coral reefs.

On the east of Drini Beach the visitors can rest in gazebos roof of reeds while enjoying the breeze and beautiful scenery. If thirsty or hungry, visitors can order a variety of processed food in the stalls are available on the beach. The stalls not only provide fast food, but also provides a variety of processed marine fish. In fact you can also buy fish directly at the fisherman and cook directly in the stall.

On the east coast there are a bay that resembles a large lagoon and decorated with seaweed, coral and variety of marine life. Clear water makes you able to see. You can walk around out to sea because the water is quite shallow and calm waves.