Kahayan River is the largest river in Central Kalimantan, a province of Indonesia in Kalimantan - the Indonesian part of the island of Borneo. Kahayan River has 250 km long and inhabitted by many local people on the edge. The newest tourism spot that becomes the favorite is Kahayan River Fringe. You can go there by groups.

During fringing the river, you will be welcomed by peculiar view of Kalimantanís jungle. You can see typical animals of Kalimantan also like orang utan, uwa-uwa, grey monkey, and proboscis. There are other interesting places like fishing arena, historical sites, and original habitat of orang utan in Kaja Island.

The trip route can be selected as you want

To enjoy this exotic place, you only need to pay IDR 750,000 per package for 10 people minimum. The price is included with snacks and ship facilities used to fringe the river. The ship is made of iron wood, has bedrooms, AC, live music and relaxing place.

For you who wants to enjoy peculiar nature of Kalimantan for the Palangkaraya Government is planning to make a guide book for tourists. You can call local Tourism Department to confirm about Kahayan River fringe. To go to the port where the Tourism Departmentís ship anchored, you need to use public transportation or rented vehicle heading to Central Kalimantan DPRD Province Office from Palangkaraya.