Pangandaran Beach called as a small fishing town, tourists are able to amaze with the charm of black and white sand beaches and panoramic sunset and sunrise are breathtaking. It is one of the most famous and interesting tourist attraction in Pangandaran district which is the division of the district of Ciamis District, West Java Province. Pangandaran Beach itself is located in Pananjung village, Pangandaran District. Pangandaran beach is even claimed to be the best beach on the island of Java by one of international tourist site. The beach is always crowded visited by local and foreign tourists, especially when the holiday season arrives. It feels incomplete if you are in Pangandaran and not to stop by to visit this beach.

Pangandaran beach has a unique view other than the beach in general. The beach consists of a west coast and east coast. The interesting part is that you can watch the sunrise on the east coast and sunset on west coast on the same day. On the eastern coast there are a variety of water sports and games such as Jet Sky, Banana Boat and Marbel that you can enjoy. For those of you who like fishing, in the eastern part of Pangandaran Beach there are some exciting fishing spots. Meanwhile, the west coast has relatively smaller waves so it is suitable for swimming and playing water.

Local governments continue to optimize the potential of tourism in Pangandaran Beach area resulting many facilities have been built there. There are many lodging options offered with a variety of amenities and price. In addition to lodging, dining with the main menu of seafood processed are plenty available. For you who like to shop, various kinds of souvenirs and typical souvenirs are ready to take home. Famous soevenirs you can buy are salted fish jambal bread. Do not forget to bargain to get a cheaper price.

Pangandaran Beach is easy to access. If you are out of town, to get to Pangandaran Beach, you can use a personal vehicle, travel, buses, trains and even airplanes. However for aircraft, it can only be accessed from Jakarta currently. If you use bus, you can go straight to the Pangandaran bus station. The bus station is only about 300 meters away from the beach entrance gate. But if you use train, you can use public transportation to get to Pangandaran Beach from the train station.