Heroes Monument, also known as Heroic Monument (Indonesian Language: Tugu Pahlawan) is a monument in Surabaya, Indonesia. It is the main symbol of the city, dedicated to the people who died during the Battle of Surabaya on 10 November 1945 in which the people of Surabaya fought against Allied and Dutch forces who wished to occupy Indonesia again.

Heroes Monument is located in the centre of Surabaya in the Jl Pahlawan, in front of the East Java Governor's office, stands a 41 meter high. The monument has become Surabaya's landmark and is shaped as an upside down nail. It was build on a 2.5 hectare piece of land that used to be the High Courthouse (Raad van Justitie) in the Dutch colonial times. During the Japanese occupation the building was used as the base camp for the military police where many Indonesians were trialed and tortured for their resistance against the Japanese occupation. During the Battle of Surabaya in 10 November 1945 the Courthouse was destroyed by the Allies.

President Sukarno laid the first stone of the monument on 10th November 1951, exactly six years after the battle. One year later, on the same date, the building was opened for public.

A museum was opened later, the Perjuangan Sepuluh November 1945, about the battle. There are collections of weapons, diorama of the Battle, photos and statues. All in all the museum gives a good overview of the Battle.

Thera are many restaurants and souvenir shops in this place.

Heroes Monument is located in front of the East Java Governor's office, so it's so easy to reach here.