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    Bodogol Ecotourism, Bogor - Indonesia

    Ecotourism is one of Bodogol use zones within the National Park of Mount Gede Pangrango who are at the level of a 800 asl. Its role is able to sustain a high biodiversity. Several types of flowering plants, medicinal plants, ornamental plants is not difficult to find in this region include species endemic to Java, Java Eagle (Spizaetus bartelsi) and Java gibbon (Hylobates moloch).

    Apart from being the location of nature conservation education, also serves as an area of research and limited ecotourism. Within these pathways there is a series of points of interests of the phenomena of tropical rain forests. Assisted by a guide, visitors are invited to better understand the tropical rain forests. Within this same path, the guide PPKAB games will bring nuances that will add to the natural treasures of knowledge for visitors.

    Programmes for visitors
    In PPKAB, visitors can enjoy the following topics:
    1. Unlocking the secrets of tropical rain forest
    2. Beneficial floras in tropical rain forests
    3. Tropical rain forest mammals
    4. Birdwatching
    5. The origin of water
    6. Jungle trekking

    Address Ecotourism Bodogol
    (Nature Conservation Education Centre Bodogol)
    Wates Jaya village
    Jl. Raya Bogor - Sukabumi Km. 18 Cisempur - Cinagara
    Caringin - Bogor
    Tel. 0251-224742

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