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    Enjoy Snorkeling at Sadranan Beach, Yogyakarta

    South Coast in Java is popular with the stunning scenery and big waves rolling in from the Indian Ocean and its ocean trenches from west to east; waves that make swimming off these shores quite dangerous. Nevertheless, there are some places on the south coast of Java that offer great snorkeling. One such place is Sadranan Beach in the village of Pulegundes in Gunung Kidul regency, Yogyakarta.

    Located around 60 kilometers from Yogyakarta, Sadranan Beach is one of the many beautiful beaches in Gunung Kidul. Its beauty is a result of its clear water, white sand and the surrounding green hills. A small bay protected by coral reefs with a wide and shallow tidal area, Sadranan Beach’s waves are small compared with other beaches nearby. The ocean currents here move from west to east, and there is no backflow to the south to drag swimmers toward the ocean trenches, making Sadranan an ideal place to enjoy Gunung Kidul's underwater beauty.

    There is a small hut on the beach that offers snorkel-gear rental such as goggles, life jackets and rubber shoes to avoid injury from sharp rocks and the sting of coral animals. Visitors can rent equipment at a cost of Rp 50,000 (US$4) and get bonus training and mentoring for free.

    Beginners snorkeling in the sea should always be accompanied by a local guide and you are advised to swim in groups. The safest spot for beginners to snorkel is on the west side of the beach where the water has a depth of about 1-2 meters. The more experienced can explore the east side of Sadranan, around the coral island, which has a depth of about 2-3 meters; here around the reef is the most captivating underwater scenery.

    There are many amazing things that you can expect to find under the sea at Sadranan Beach: hordes of shrimp, starfish, sea urchins and small fish like Leptus and Goby. Toward the deeper sea, snorkelers can also meet colorful fish such as surgeonfish, butterfly fish and scorpion fish.

    Various types of corals live under the sea at Sadranan as well, such as finger-shaped coral (digitate arcopora), grooved brain coral (diploria labyrinthiformis) and plate corals (heliofungia sp.).
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