Kebun Raya Unmul Samarinda (Unmul Botanical Garden) or well-known as KRUS is one of favorite tourist destinations in Samarinda, East Kalimantan Province. Located in the northern side of Samarinda City. Approximately 10 kilometers or 15 minutes drive. At first in 1974, this location started as a conservation forest for research for Mulawarman University students with an area of almost 300 hectare. In 2001 it was decided to designate 62 hectare of this for recreation purposes.

The recreation area has a mini zoo with crocodiles, deers, horses, white-headed eagle, long-tailed monkey and many more. In the Unmul Botanical Garden are lots of trees of course making the temperature mild and pleasant. To explore the botanical garden you can use delman (horse carriage) or you can just go on foot and enjoy the scenery. If you’re tired of walking a gazebo is available on every corner in the botanical garden.

Unmul Botanical Garden also provides several attractions like go-cart, ATV motor, water bicycle, rainbow ride and merry go round. After walking around whole day you can get a feet massage at the massage path: a 25 metres pebble path which can be used to naturally massage your feet.

Unmul Botanical Garden is located about fifteen kkilometers away from the centre of Samarinda and can be reached using either private vehicle or public transportation. If you want to use public transportation, you can take the “F” route colored yellow plying the route.