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    Sawi Island, Fascinating Tourist Destination in Ketapang

    One of the fascinating tourist destination to visit is Sawi Island. Sawi Island is located in the village of River Tengar, Kendawangan sub-District, Ketapang District, West Kalimantan Province. The island has an area of approximately 500 hectares and is inhabited by a few dozen head of the family.

    The interesting part of Sawi Island is the marine life and beautiful natural scenery. The island began to be used as a tourist attraction by the local government in 2009. The island is often referred to by the name of Bidadari Island because it has a crystal-clear sea water, making various biota dwellers under sea level can be seen very clearly. What's more, the beach on the island is the habitat of rare and endangered sea turtles such as the leatherback turtle, green turtle and hawksbill turtle. The beauty is combined with white sand that stretches and surrounding landscapes that are still very natural making this place so fascinating.

    Being on the shore of Sawi Island, we can also see a variety of fishermen activities which are local residents. Population on the island is famous for its hospitality. Most of Sawi Islandís residents are fishermen. Besides fish, they are also looking for sea pearls which become one of the island's potential.

    Sloping beach topography makes the Sawi Island beach is safe for swimming or even diving to enjoy the beauty of marine life which is also safe to do so. For those who like fishing, Sawi Island could be the right choice because of the potential of abundant fish in this place. Boat rentals are available for us who want to see the beauty of the island from all sides. We can hire a boat to get around the island. For those who like a challenge, trekking could also be done on the island. It would be very exciting as we could explore the island with its beauty. If you want to enjoy the beauty of the Sawi Island longer, you are able to set up a camp on the edge of the beach. Or you can also rent a homestay established by the local government on the island.

    The main access to get to the Sawi Island is via Tengar River which is about 70 km from the city to the north of Ketapang. The journey from Ketapang city towards Tengar River in Blossom Sari village, Kendawangan sub-District can be reached by private vehicle, public bus or rental vehicle. Arriving at the Tengar River, you can continue the journey by renting a motorboat to the Sawi Island which takes about an hour.

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    awesome, it's same to Phu Quoc in VIet Nam , will be come here

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