Mapasilaga tedong is a unique tradition from the ancestors of Tana Toraja, which is routinely performed at funerals of people who had died a few years ago, as they called as Rambu Solo.

This event is done before the traditional ceremonies begin. Dozens of buffalo that will be pitted will be lined up on the field where the ceremony is held. The buffaloes that will be pitted the being paraded by the bearers team who carry the gong, banners, and number of women who come from the bereaved families to the field located in Rante or cemetery.

When the buffalo fleeing the venue, the musical accompaniment will be played. The rhythm of traditional music is derived from the number of women pounding rice in a mortar alternately.

Mapasilaga Tedong begins with two buffaloes are pitted and they slammed their horn to his opponent. the Buffalo that declared to be the loser is the buffalo that ran from the arena of Mapasilaga Tedong. In addition, there is also a procession of Torajan buffalo slayer. This procession is begin by slaying the Buffalo head with a machete conducted in one swipe.