Gunung Kidul become an interesting destination must be be visited when you are come in Yogyakarta. There is one of virgin and beautiful beaches which is rarely visited by tourists, namely “Gesing Beach” . The beach is located on the west side of Gunung Kidul.Gesing Beach is located in Panjolomulyo hamlet, Girikarto Village, Panggang subdistrict, Gunung Kidul . The beach is about 40 kilometers from Yogyakarta city center . To start the trip to Gesing beach, it is suggested to pass through an alternative route of Panggang subdistrict because it is shorter . Traveling by motor vehicle only takes about an hour . The way to Gesing beach tourism sites is relatively easy to be reached and very comfortable with beautiful views . However, the access road before heading to the beach is quite challenging . The road still not be paved and rocky, so you have to be extra careful .Gesing beach has white sand and calm waves . The surface of sea water is very beautiful, because there are gradations of color from bright green to blue . The beach is located on the bay and flanked by cliffs . For those who like photography, you can capture the beauty of Gesing beach well from above steep cliffs or white sand beach . For those who like fishing, Gesing Beach is a place that is quite challenging because there are many favorite fishing spots . Here you can find a lot of fish species such as mackerel, layur, squid, and lobster . Because the water is very calm, the beach became a pleasant place to swim . You can also snorkeling at the beach, to see the beauty of underwater views .Gesing beach is not too large . With its characteristics, the beach usually becomes the fishermen’s bunder . Gesing Beach also becomes fish auction place, so no wonder, there are many stalls that peddling processed fresh fish . The price of fish is also fairly cheap, such as for a big snapper is only 35,000 rupiah per kilo gram . The area of the beach has already completed by mosque, restaurants, and toilets . Hopefully Gesing Beach becomes your next destination place to visit in your holiday with family .