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    Sombano Island, Beautiful Tourist Attraction in Wakatobi

    Sombano Island is part of Wakatobi region, South East Sulawesi. Although Sombano is not as popular as other islands in Wakatobi, the beauty of this island is comparable even to the main islands. Wakatobi may be identical with Wangi Wangi, Kadelupa, Tomia and Binongko Islands. However, the surrounding island like Sombano is actually as beautiful as those four islands. Sombano has a smaller size, but the panorama of the island is so incredible that every visitor must be amazed by its beauty. Sombano has tourist attraction of both the marine and the nature. If you have enough time, include this island in your travel plan when you have a holiday in South East Sulawesi.

    Sombano Island is situated in Sombano Village, Kadelupa District, South East Sulawesi. You can reach the island from Ambeua, the Capital City of Kaledupa) by car or motorcycle for about 15 minutes. As previously mentioned, Sombano is a small island. There are also other small-sized islands near the island. As far as you can see, the island has panoramic view. It’s not only the marine panorama that will amaze you, but also the nature around the island. The beauty of both the marine and the nature offer a lot of activities to do.

    When you visit Sombano Island, you can do various activities. They are marine and nature activities. Marine activities include diving and snorkeling. You can dive in many beautiful diving spots around the island. When diving, you will see the most fantastic view of underwater life. In addition, you can also do various things in the beach. You can swim or do volley beach with your friends or family. Otherwise, you can simply sit or lie down on the beach. Enjoying the sunset will be an exciting activity as well. While nature activities include exploration and adventure to the island. You can observe the island, and find the species that lives in the island. Hiking and trekking can also be fun and exciting activities in the island. To visit a more different island with beautiful panoramic view, Sombano can be your first alternative. Sombano Island is one of the most beautiful islands in Wakatobi, although it is not too popular.
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