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    Sulamadaha Beach, Beautiful Black Sand Beach in Ternate

    Sulamadaha Beach is an interesting black sand beach in Indonesia. It is located in Sulamadaha village, North Maluku Province, not far from the main city Ternate. Despite the black sand the Sulamadaha beach is the main recreation site (beach) in Ternate due to the clear water and many corals and kinds of fishes, some of them are rare.

    In front of the beautiful Sulamadaha Beach is the Hiri Island, which used to be an hiding place for Sultan Muhammad Djabir Syah in avoiding the Dutch army. The center of the island is made of a vulcano and it consists mostly of green plants and trees. This view makes Sulamadaha Beach even more beautiful and clement. Beside Hiri Island close by the beach is the pyramid shaped and white sand Saomadaha Gulf. The extremely clear water and beautiful corals and fishes make this gulf a great spot for diving and snorkeling.

    Access to Sulamadaha Beach:
    This beach is about 14 km from downtown Ternate and can be easily reached by public transport from Terntate, it will take about an hour to get to the beach. You might want to rent a boat for IDR 20,000 per hour to get to Hiri Island.

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    Sulamadaha Beach is located in Sulamadaha Village, Ternate, North Maluku Province. It is a black sand beach, but this beach has its own charm and is favorite tourist attraction in Ternate because the water is very clear, not contaminated, and has a variety of fish and coral reefs with some rare species. Sulamadaha Beach faces directly to Hiri Island. This island composed of hills with green plants that make Sulamadaha Beach has cool breeze and beautiful.

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