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    Moyo Island, the Famous Destination in Lombok

    Moyo Island is one of remote islands, and it is considered as a small island, which is rich of natural diversity. The echo of the name has been spreading around the world since Lady Di and others celebrities came here to spend their vacation. Watching the beauty of beach will give you tranquility feeling because you will free to do many water activities.

    Moyo itself has elevation 0 – 648 meters above sea level. The island has length around 30,000 hectares, and it has hundreds butterflies in the middle of savannah. Because the island is considered as a virgin jungle, you are suggested to be accompanied by guide, or you will get lost. Most of visitors agree to say Moyo Island is a romantic place, and it is very suit for honeymoon. The tropical jungle with carpet of white sand is waiting to be explored by travelers. The underwater park offers you chance to explore marine life.

    Moyo Island is located at northern Sumbawa Island, West Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia. To reach the island is very easy. Driving by a car can be reached from Big Sumbawa to Ai Bari, the coast of village 20 km northern of Big Sumbawa.

    The journey to Ai Bari to Moyo Island will take about 15 minutes by speedboat, or traditional boat. Besides that, trip to Moyo can be reached from Mataram, Lombok Island, West Nusa Tenggara. From Mataram, you can cross to Sumbawa trough Kayangan – Pototano. Then, you will take land lane to Sumbawa Regency for 6 hours. From Sumbawa, you will continue your trip by crossing to Moyo Island.

    Moyo Island is rich of natural diversity. Untouched jungle, waterfalls and natural rivers become spots you have to explore when you are there. Hiking is one of favorite activity because you can visit pristine jungle and caves. One of popular cave is Ai Manis Cave. To reach the cave, you need to climb it. The attractive thing you can see is hundreds of bats. Moyo Island is also a paradise of bird’s lover. There are more than 124 species of bird in Sumbawa, and 86 species among them stay in the island.

    After you satisfied trekking to the middle of jungle, the next activity is snorkeling. Underwater of beach offers you beautiful marine life and coral reefs. The marine park forms soft cliffs and steep cliffs. When you snorkel, probably you will see small shark swimming around you. The island has many diving spots as well.

    The last thing you can do in Moyo Island is relaxing. You can sit or just lie down on white sand. The combination of green panorama and beach become a perfect chance for visitors to rid stress from their mind. Here, you only can rest and enjoy the life without worrying about anything. Blue water, high cliffs, wave of water and fine sand become your friends during your holiday in Moyo Island. When you come here with your spouse, you can remind back the romantic feeling between both of you.

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