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    Klewer Market, Known As Pasar Klewer Solo

    Solo City is well-known as the producers of Indonesian batik. When you visit Solo, you need to visit Klewer Market. Klewer Market is the biggest batik market in Indonesia. Established in 1970 the market is still expanding until now. You can find many kinds of batik here, both finished clothes as shirts and dresses as well as fabric, all in a bewildering variety of design. Nearby you will also find many normal clothes stores and food stalls.

    Klewer market is attracting both domestic and foreign tourists. The crowd of merchants and shoppers in the small alleyways along with the colorful fabrics is an attraction by itself. You can get good prices if you are able to bargain well (start with an offer at 10% of what they ask). Eventhough the price is negotiable and cheap it does not mean the quality is not good. Best to come here if you want to get some batik and enjoy cheap shopping with cheap prices

    When you are getting tired while shopping, you can get a bite and rest at the many foodstalls available. There are so many options of mainly Javanese (especially from Solo) dishes here, like serabi solo (rice flour pancake), tengkleng (soup of lamb head), timlo rice, gempo ice and others. Get some food, sit done and then continue shopping again!

    Transport options:
    Klewer Market is located in the city centre of Solo next to the Alun-Alun (central square). You can use the Batik Solo Trans and alight at Gladak.

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