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    Maimol Beach, the Calm Wave Beach in Kalabahi

    Maimol Beach has distances less than about 8 km from Kalabahi city. Maimol as a traditional fishing village, has a good potential to become a producer of fish in Alor regency. The beach is right in the Gulf Benlelang that has calm waves with clear water.

    White sand to the shoreline nearly 1 kilometer provide its own beauty to the eyes of visitors. Around Maimol Beach already contained a rest area form of bamboo chairs right in the shade of palm and banyan trees and is also available toilet for visitors.

    You can also directly buy fish caught by local fishermen who sell their catch for sale on the coast. Fairly easy transportation access to Maimol Beach by using a motorcycle or public transportation from the city center at the rate of 5,000 rupiahs.

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