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    Gili Bidara, Beautiful Underwater View in Lombok

    Lombok has small area and consists of several small islands known as Gili. For those of you who already familiar with indonesia tourism, the name of three Gili are Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Menok probably the most often heard its beauty, both nationally and abroad. But if you want to try to find another beauty that has not been widely exposed, so there are many other Gili that you can explore it more deeply. For many existing Gili named Gili Bidara can add in your list travel destination that you can visit when you are in Lombok.

    For those of you who are interested in beauty of Gili Bidara, the main activity that you can surely get is underwater scenery which is super beautiful. Lots of lovers snorkel or divers who came to visit the island to see how beauty of underwater of Gili Bidara. Like other Gili, Gili Bidara has exotica elegance feast for the eyes.

    From Gili Bidara you can see clearly of Mount Rinjani, thus creating a beautiful blend of scenic mountains, sea and blue sky above us. Wide island is not too big to make you can explore Gili Bidara just 40 minutes. In Gili Bidara also you can find sweet potato field that well maintained. This sweet potato fields owned by the local people fairly well maintained and tidy.

    Gili Bidara is one of the main gili of several clusters gili, among others Gili Petagan, Gili Bidara and Gili Kondo. So if you are visiting one of them you should continue also go to the other islands. To reach Gili Bidara you can from Mataram drive to Sambelia, from there then you are heading to Gili Bidara using boats used to go home.

    Gili Bidara belong to the ranks of the small uninhabited island among many other islands, so no accommodation that can be utilized. When you visit Gili Bidara you will only find a pavilion for shelter, better known as Berugak. So you should bring supplies and tents, or heading to Gili Kondo separately obtain a homestay or camping on the outskirts shores.

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