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    Geripak Waterfall, Natural Beauty Waterfall in Lombok

    Geripak waterfall is a waterfall located in Gunturmacan village, Gunungsari subdistrict, West Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara province. This waterfall is located at an altitude of about 500 meters above sea level. The location of Geripak waterfall was very beautiful, with typical mountain water clean and clear. Here we can play and bathe under the waterfall spray. The location is quite a lot of vendors selling food and drinks with a fairly cheap. This sight is perfect for those of you who want to enjoy the natural beauty of the mountains. Geripak waterfall makes the mind and body become fresh.

    Requires the caution if you want to climb to Geripak waterfall area, because the road was a bit challenging, with over rocky cliffs and a bit slippery. Nature lovers usually through Dopang village, followed by ridge tracing Segembong. Arriving at Berugak Elen, you can relax while looking and enjoy the stunning scenery. Visible green rice fields, Ampenan beach, and other beautiful corners in the island of Lombok, especially West of Lombok area.

    How To Get There
    The distance of Geripak waterfall approximately 2 hours from the Capital City District. From Mataram city, you can take the direction towards Rembiga intersection, then turn left towards Gunungsari. Furthermore, after crossing the bridge take the second turn to the right to arrive at the small intersection near the temple. From this intersection take right turn, follow the path. Condition of the road leading to it is not good, paved in part and in part also still a land. The access to the waterfall was very difficult due to the absence of a clear signpost. So, it’s suggested to much ask to the local residents.
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