Otak Kokok Waterfall or also called Joben Waterfall has a height of about 5 meters out from roots of Banjur treetaht are hundreds of years old. This waterfall is located in the tourist area of Otak Kokok Joben baths. The name Otak Kokok Joben derives from the Sasak language means upstream or springs that are in Joben. Joben waterfall believed efficacious cure the disease. If the froth of water that touch our bodies change color to white, meaning our body affected by the disease. The natural beauty of Joben waterfalls is no doubt and aligned with other waterfall in Lombok. That's why there are many tourists comes to visit these destinations.

Otak Kokok Waterfall located in Montong Betok village, Montong Gading district, East Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara Province. Besides to the waterfall which is known to have healing properties of the disease, the tourist attraction also has facilities such as a swimming pool that can be good for adults and children, the resting place such as Berugak and vast protected forest with the beautiful natural scenery.

How to get there:
Otak Kokok or Joben Waterfall located about 50 km to the east of Mataram city and directly adjacent to the Mount Rinjani National Park (TNGR). To reach this waterfall, we can reached it by two and four-wheeled vehicles with a travel time of about half an hour drive from Mataram. This place was very natural as the form initially.