Semeti beach is a virgin beach with the stunning natural beauty. Semeti beach adjacent to Mawi Beach, Central Lombok. If Mawi beach full of surfers, unlike the case with Semeti beach filled with silence, because it is hidden paradise beach in Lombok island and is unknown to many people. The beach offers the natural scenery with white sand and calm waves with colorful sea water, behind the upright and tall rocks stored beautiful panoramic of Semeti, There is a natural aquarium which is above the rock cliff, which certainly will keep you enthralled for an incredibly unique and never even seen before.The natural aquarium filled with coral reefs with small fish, so when a big wave comes, then the aquariums filled with seawater and then after that, the sea water out through the cracks of the natural aquarium, even small fish mixed with Spatter foams waves, when the foams disappears you can see a lot of small fish appears and swimming there.

Boxes of rocks arranged naturally by exposure to the waves. The rock has a unique shape, some shaped like pyramids in Egypt that stands firmly in the middle of the sea. Many stones such as crystal box at Planet Krypton, like in Superman movie, so some people also call it Krypton Beach.

How to get there?
Semeti beach located adjacent to Mawi beach, in Central of Lombok. The road to Semeti beach is not better than the road leading to Mawi beach. There are no residents near the beach, quiet and still a virgin. Semeti Beach located in Mekarsari village, 5 km from east coast of Selong Belanak, which is the beach who has been known to many people. The driveway enable to four wheel drive, although the conditions of road around 3 km slightly damaged. To see the view in front of you was amazing, Semeti beach will bring you into another space as if you were in another planet. If you visit Semeti beach, you can park a vehicle on the beach, then walk about 100 meters and climb rocks as high as 20 meters. Behind the rocks, saved extraordinary beauty, the natural beauty of the beach Semeti.