Kaliantan Beach is one of the tourist attraction in the south district. Precisely in Pemongkong village, Jerowaru sub-district, East Lombok regency, West Nusa Tenggara. The distance is about 72 km from downtown Mataram. This beach is not very popular, even so the atmosphere was still quite beautiful beaches and calm.

The sea water at Kaliantan beach is clear, blue colored fresh. Long coastline of about two kilometers. White sand beaches brownish like pepper powder. Not only was the underwater scenery is still quite awake. No wonder some travelers took to snorkeling at this beach. Kaliantan beach also has a fairly high sea waves with characteristics of the waves are quite calm. Making it suitable for surfing activities.

In Kaliantan beach region are vast stretches of grassland and some hills. You can climb to the top of the hill and enjoy a panoramic view of Kaliantan beach or enjoy the stunning sunset. Once a year, sometimes Kaliantan beach locations have been selected to conduct Bau Nyale tradition. This tradition usually lasts between February and March. As the even progresses, Kaliantan beach will usually be crowded by the end.

To get into Kaliantan beach area is not charged admission. Besides the beach, there are adequate facilities such as food stalls, toilets or lodging. So should you bring food or drink itself. When you want to stay, you can use tent or find accommodation in downtown Mataram, Lombok.

The distance is about two until three hours' drive from downtown Mataram, Lombok. To go to Kaliantan beach location you should take private vehicle or rent vehicle. Because there is no public transport to the location. The route is from downtown Mataram heading east toward East Lombok. After that the trip continues to the south through Sikur district - Sakra - Keruak - Jerowaru - Pemongkong - Kaliantan.