Yogyakarta as one of the Old Kingdom that still survive in the territory of Indonesia Country has many cultural uniqueness. One is the tradition of Sekaten. Sekaten is a tradition that still continues to be preserved by the people of Yogyakarta. It has strong historical roots.

Kingdom of Yogyakarta which is a continuation of the Mataram kingdom is the kingdom of Islam in Java. As the Islamic empire, the influence of Islamic culture influenced the customs and traditions of the community, including Sekaten. Sekaten derived from the word "syahadatain" or two sentences creed that a strategy of "guardian" in the spread of Islam in Java, so it can be said that the historical roots of the tradition has lasted long enough. Ceremony of Sekaten been through various transformations, but the tradition has become a cultural event that determines the privilege of Yogyakarta.

Sekaten celebration is an annual event to mark the Prophet Muhammad's Birthday commemoration that begins with "Miyos Gongso" (procession issuing two gamelan Sekaten Kyai Guntur Madu and Kyai Nogo Wilogo of Kraton Kraton to Gede Mosque.

Then Gamelan will be played in Sekaten ceremony for one week. Then proceed to "Kondur Gongso" (procession return gamelan Sekaten Kyai Guntur Madu and Kyai Nogo Wilogo from Mosque Gede back to Kraton.

This religious and cultural activities is an effort to preserve Javanese culture that has a high value. In this event there is also entertainment attractions such as wayang kulit performances, musical performances and tauusiah religion, art parade, keroncong parade, ketoprak parade, parade of religious art and Islamic fashion parade.