Grebeg Pancasila is a commemoration of the born of Pancasila, designed as cultural event. This event is conducted by artist of Blitar city, with ethnic touch and infrastructure without leaving the sacred and the meaning of a ceremony. It is held in Blitar City square every June 1st.

Ritual steps of Gerebeg Pancasila in Blitar City consist of three major event. Those are Cultural Ceremony held in Blitar City square, Gunungan Lima (five artificial mountains) held in some main roads of Blitar City, and Kenduri Pancasila, held in Bung Karno`s Grave.

The process of Grebeg Pancasila procession is not only packed by art and culture`s touch but also collaborated with the history element that entailed. The recording of Bung Karno`s speech is replayed again, then followed by Gunungan Lima procession guarded by Prajurit siji (one knight), prajurit Enem (six knight), and Prajurit Patang Puluh Lima (fourty-five knight). The procession of Gunungan Lima (five artificial mountains) as a description of five fundamentalsprincipals contained in Pancasila. The symbol of Gunungan Lima (five artificial mountains) are guarded by Prajurit Siji, Prajurit Enem, and Prajurit Patang Puluh Lima that signed the born of Pancasila, on June 1st, 1945.
Besides the guards of Gunungan Lima (five artificial mountains), this procession is also followed by the Troops of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (Unity in Diversity)and accompanied by some beautiful ladies and handsome men. The procession of Gunungan Lima (five artificial mountains) is stopped in Bung Karno` s grave as the creator of Pancasila idea, located in Bendogerit sub-district, Sananwetan District, Blitar. The end of this procession is “ngalap berkah” (get blessed). Gunungan Lima (five artificial mountains) will be given to some visitors and neighborhood people.

Grebeg Pancasila is not born naturally.The procession which has codified annually as a commemoration of Pancasila born which set up since 1995. Surely, some implication the conflict of social politic and some hampers follow the destination of its pioneer. Coinciding with the running time, the moral message and culture which contains in Grebeg Pancasila will simultaneously develop along with the era.