Bukit Doa Tomohon or also known as Kelong Hill or another named Jalan Salib Mahawu. Bukit Doa or means Prayer Hill of Tomohon, is one of the attractions of nature and religious tourism in Tomohon, North Sulawesi. The natural beauty is combined with the cool mountain air Tomohon, make every visitor feel at home to linger in this place. No wonder if Prayer Hill Tomohon become one of the sights that you must visit in Tomohon.

Natural scenery is so beautiful, clean, cool and very neatly arranged, making Prayer Hill Mahawu like a magnet that attracts everyone to visit this place. Over all the advantages it has, not surprisingly, the Jalan Salib Mahawu (another name for Prayer Hill Tomohon) be the location of the event various activities ranging from nature tourism and religious tourism Christians, location out bond, the location of the gathering, the venue for the wedding ceremony for holy to be a place to hold weddings, with shades of the garden party.