Lakban Beach in Ratatotok District, Southeast Minahasa Regency of North Sulawesi is one of the promising tourism potential. From Manado city, the tourists have to travel a distance of 3 hours away by four-wheeled vehicles.
This attraction is suitable to be a recreation area because playground facilities are quite complete. The visitors can rent boats to get around or visit the small island near the coast. Including explored Buyat Bay with views of coral clusters.

Lakban Beach area also provides a number of bungalows and shelter as a place to rest. The average price of rooms in Lakban Beach area is reasonably priced. Behind there is the Kasih hill that have two places of worship of different religions, but next door, there is a mosque adjacent to the church, this means that surrounding communities have great respect differences religious that exist they were living in harmony without question the differences they have. From the beach is only seen the tip of the dome of the mosque and the cross because most are both covered by tall trees that shade around the beach. Kasih hill (Love Hill) by the local community is actually named Harapan hill (Hope Hill), so named for its founder also has the name Harapan.