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    Lawar, Typical Traditional Food in Bali

    Bali is the center of tourism in Indonesia. Some people even to say that you has not been to Indonesia if you haven’t visited Bali. The island of Bali is a favorite destination of tourists both from abroad and from within the country. This may be because Bali does have cultural diversity and appeal of extraordinary nature.

    However, Bali is not only known as a tourist center which offers beautiful nature such as wonderful beaches and mountain sides. It also offers a lot of things that can be enjoyed by all people vacationing in the island of Bali, such as Balinese culture which is still strong and the traditional food that stirs the appetite of tourists, one of which is Lawar Bali.

    Lawaris is a typical Balinese cuisine which is a mixture of vegetables and minced meat flavored with a lot of spices. Lawar was originally used for serving at both traditional and religious ceremonies. But ultimately lawar is also served in everyday Balines household and even widely sold in restaurants as Lawar Bali.

    Lawar has a variety of names based on the type of meat or vegetables used. When pork is used then it will be called Lawar Babi or Pork Lawar. But now many are using chicken and vegetable as the main ingredients. When jackfruit or nangka is used , then is called lawar nangka or jackfruit. Giving the name can also be judged by the color such lawar merah (red) lawar putih ( white) . There is even the one called lawar padamare, which is a kind lawar made of a mixture of several types lawar.

    To make lawar Bali is not too difficult. First of all, slice some green beans with a size of approximately 1 cm, then set aside. Clean some bean sprouts by removing the root. Then you can proceed by heating the oil and stir-fry until the smell of the spices come . Then put in the minced chicken, stir until slightly dry. And put in some grated coconut, stir over low heat until the oil dry and the color turns to golden brown. Then remove and let it cool.

    The next step is a mix the beans, bean sprouts and the mixtuure of chicken and coconut. Add some lemon juice, stir until smooth and serve. Because most of the ingredients are vegetables, it can not last long so you have to finish it as soon as it is ready.

    Lawar now has become increasingly popular among Balinese people and foreigners alike because it is often served as a daily side dish, besides being eaten after carrying out ceremonies. The increasing number of enthusiasts is what makes Lawar no longer use animal blood as one of the of material required in its cooking process as traditionaly done in the past. Now what is more widely used is vegetable such as starfruit, jackfruit, coconut, young papaya of course with typical Balinese spice.

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    Bali is really the tourism hub of Indonesia and tourist from across globe travel to this place. Lawaris is fantastic dish loved by many tourists. The way it is presented is really traditional.

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