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    Tanjung Puting National Park, Pangkalan Bun - Central Kalimantan

    Welcome to Tanjung Puting Tour

    They are a tour specialist in Tanjung Puting National Park and Borneo Kalimantan. They provide tailor made program for Wildlife, Culture, and Volcanic tour, under legal company “PT. Borneo Lestari Tour & Travel” that set up locally in Pangkalan Bun.

    Tanjung Puting tour also provide private tour with our best Deluxe BorneoEcoTour I and Semi Luxury BorneoEcoTour II. Their Deluxe BorneoEcoTour I has one Cabin with Aircondition and private bathroom with water heater. While the Semi Luxury BorneoEcoTour II has two cabin and each cabin has private bathroom inside the cabin. In each cabin they provide Air conditioning and water heater for hot and cold shower. Each Houseboat provided with clean water from big water tank inside the Houseboat.

    Regarding to the electricity they provide with generator and DC power come from our Battery. you can pluck in your recharger to charge your battery any time you want.

    During your trip you will accompanied by the Guide, Cook, Driver and Driver assistance. All of this crews will help you during your stay with them on board.

    They also provide tailor made program to extend your trip to see Dayak Longhouse and Culture interior the Borneo Island or Java Volcano and Komodo.

    For further information please contact :

    Peltana Danson

    PT. Borneo Lestari Tour & Travel
Jl. Prakusumayuda Rt. 12 No. 8

    Kel. Raja, Kec. Arut Selatan

    Pangkalan Bun - Kalimantan Tengah
I n d o n e s i a
    Phone: 0532-25386

    Fax: 0532-29080

    Mobile: +6281349797705

    Email: info@tanjungputingtour.com
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    Tanjung Puting National Park in Kalimantan is seen as the center of rehabilitation of orangutans. In addition, Tanjung Puting is also a tourist destination famous ecological, attracting many tourists visiting wildlife species.

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    So good <3 I'll come here when i can
    >>> https://goo.gl/kHWpo8
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    Tanjungputingtour.com is the local company offering exciting, experience and eco tours in Tanjung Puting National Park. Our tours are enjoyed by individuals, couples, families, corporate groups, private parties and school groups. We can accommodate groups small and large.

    If you’re looking for the truly Borneo Islands experience in part of Indonesia’s Paradise, then look no further. Our goal is to introduce our guests to the natural wonders of Kalimantan with their beautiful waters, magnificent beaches, wildlife of the forest, authentic culture of Dayak People, Incredible Orangutan and immerse them in the culture to create wonderful, everlasting memories and friendships.

    During your trip you will accompanied by our Guide, Cook, Driver and Driver assistance. All of this crews will help you during your stay with us on board.

    For further information please contact us via contact us and We look forward to hear from you soon and we will serve you the best service.

    Tanjung Puting Tour
    PT. Borneo Lestari Tour & Travel
    Jl. Prakusumayuda Rt. 12 No. 8 Kel. Raja Kec. Arut Selatan
    Pangkalan Bun – Kalimantan Tengah

    Phone: 0532-25386
    Fax : 0532-29080
    Mobile: +6281349797705
    Emai: kirbysku@gmail.com

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