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    Sendiki Beach, The Hidden Beauty Beach in Malang


    Sendiki beach is hidden beaches in South Malang. Located in Tambakrejo village, Sumbermanjing wetan district, Malang regency. The location and access is still hidden to make this beach has not been known by the public. On the beach, visitors can enjoy the atmosphere of unspoiled and beautiful. The beach is very clean and beautiful because due largely composed of white sand and rocky beaches.

    Walking down Sendiki beach, visitors will find a unique sight. On one side is a stretch of beach while on the other side is forest. Interestingly, in some parts of the coast there are a lot of iron sand visible. There is also estuary of the water is very clear.

    To get to the location Sendiki beach should be reached by using private vehicles both two wheels and four wheels. Because there is no public transport that led to this place. From Malang town is about 60 kilometers or can be taken for 2 hours on a motorbike or 3 hours when using the car.

    You can use the route from downtown Malang-Pakishaji-Kepanjen-Gondang Legi-Turen-Sumbermanjing Wetan-Tambakrejo-Sendiki Beach. Furthermore, tourists will pass through a very wide area of rice fields. You have to walk about 3 km in the area of rice fields and woods are quite dense. After that, we will find Ketapang trees (Terminalia cattapa), which means that the location of the beach is near. About 100 meters from the Ketapang tree vegetation, it will sound waves Sendiki beach. You arrived on this exotic beach.
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