Lenggoksono beach is a beautiful beach on the south coast which is located on the shores of the Indonesian Ocean and entered the territory of Lenggoksono hamlet, Purwodadi village, Tirtoyudo district, Malang regency of East Java. To go to Lenggoksono beach from Malang city pass through Dampit district and headed to Tirtoyudo district, then turn right at the junction Tangsi. From three-junction is about 30 kilometers. The condition of the road leading to the Tirtoyudo to Lenggoksosno beach Purwodadi very smooth asphalt, only a very narrow road. Along the trip we can see clove plantations with trees up to 15 meters high. It was not surprising because Purwodadi is the center of the largest clove producer in Malang.

Lenggoksono beach saving potential of various types of fish such as lobster, squid, layur, skipjack, and the scenery of the beach is quite soothing eye. Has white sand covering an area of one kilometer circular surrounded by two cliffs are quite green with leafy plants. For the hobbyist fishing, Lenggoksono beach offers many challenges. Lenggoksono beach actually has a beautiful view of the pounding waves. Many small rocks scattered along the waterfront. Lenggoksono beach not only offers the potential for fish, but also a conservation area pearl lobster, lobster sand and rock lobster. Incidentally below Gadung Island that include Lenggoksono beach there are Lobster cave. In this underwater cave nest lobster that communities and fishermen are always guarded and monitored from rogue fishermen who will catch with potassium. So far the cave that became a breeding ground lobster was still very good and well maintained. On this beach was appointed by the Ministry of Fisheries and Maritime Affairs as ecotourism region.