Banyu Anjlok derived from Javanese language, Banyu means water and Anjlok means falling. Banyu Anjlok is a waterfall located near the bay Kletak'an, and is the only waterfall in Malang which is adjacent to the beach. Banyu Anjlok Waterfall are derived from existing sources on the hill and flow through the ridge with a height of 7 meters. If you climb to the top of the waterfall rocks you can find a wide basin containing fresh water that can be used to soak and swim. The water did not go down heavy at one point, but the wide spread up to the big rock.

The atmosphere in the beaches are also very calm, cool and clean. Considering this place relatively rarely visited by tourists. The region around the beach is also beautiful. Under the waterfall there is a small cave that you can enter by breaking through a waterfall.

Banyu Anjlok is located in South Malang precisely in Lenggoksono village, Purwodadi district. For transportation there still exists because its place is still relatively new and far from the hustle of the city. It takes about 3 hours from Malang city.