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    Coban Jahe Waterfall in Jabung - Malang

    Coban Jahe Waterfall or also known as Begawan Waterfall has a height of about 45 m with rocks giant on the wall and a small pond below. The waterfall is included in the area of Perhutani Unit II RPH Sukopuro-Jabung.

    Name Jahe, is actually taken from the Java language ‘Pejahe’ which means death. Name it appears, after about a squad of soldiers (TNI, now) under the command of Ali Murtopo to fight against the Dutch government. With the changing times, the name ‘Pejahe’ was eventually changed Ginger. Likewise, the name of the tomb, they were buried was made ​​final resting place called Makam Pahlawan Ginger time. The existence of Heroes Cemetery Ginger own time, can be found about 50 meters, when before the entrance of Coban Jahe Waterfall.

    The location of Coban Jahe is in Begawan hamlet, Pandansari Lor village, Jabung district, Malang regency. Located about 23 km from the Malang city and can be reached with a four-wheeled vehicle with taking direction to Tumpang. Arriving in Overlapping turn left into Pandansari Lor village, hamlet Begawan.

    Arriving at the entrance of Coban Jahe Waterfall, traveling quite difficult to do with a motor vehicle because it is badly damaged roads even further ground a path through through the rice fields and gardens and some parts of macadam (stones are laid out) . For four-wheeled vehicles can be parked vehicles on site parking is a stretch of empty land around 100 m from the entrance.

    There is a sign directions to Coban Jahe Waterfall is not far from the gate entrance Overlapping city. Next up is not found again the directions, so good as to ask locals what direction the coban.

    Any tickets there is no counter. Facilities available only a vacant lot for camping. For those of you who like a challenge plus tours, no wrong visited Coban Jahe Waterfall.
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    Image source: www.halomalang.com

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