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    Aling-aling Waterfall, Natural Beauty Waterfall in Bali

    Aling-aling waterfall, located in Buleleng, Bali. With a height of about 35 meters the waterfall has become a favorite tourists destination, because of its well maintained natural beauty. Moreover, to get to this waterfall is not so difficult because of its location is close to the city center of Singaraja.

    To go to Aling-aling waterfall, you must first go to Sambangan village in Sukasada district, Buleleng regency Bali Province. From Singaraja, which is the nearest city, the distance is approximately 11 km or about 10 to 15 minutes bu car. But if you depart from Denpasar the capital of Bai provine, the distance is around 22 km . So it's a little bit far.Singaraja. Then when you are entering the city of Singaraja, you will see the junction that and a sign that reads Aling-aling Waterfall. Just follow the 2km road which will take you to the parking lot. From here you still have to walk along the rice fields, up and down hundreds of steps so approximately 400 meters.

    Aling-aling waterfall is surrounded by high cliffs, and dense trees. Small wonder that the atmosphere here is quite cool and tranqui. Aling-aling waterfall is unique, from its peak, the water that falls down to the bottom split into two parts. On the right the water debit is more than the water that falls on the left. At the bottom of the waterfalls a basin was formed a basin and this becomes a great place for tourists to soak in the water and swim. This basin has a depth of approximately 4 meters so you can also swim in there.

    On the way to the waterfall, you can take a break at two smaller waterfalls located in a river. In this place you can rest while enjoying the beauty of nature. At this point it is highly advised to take a rest because after that the journey will continue by having to walk up and down the stairs to finally get to Aling-aling waterfall. After a pretty long journey, plus going up and down stairs, you may feel tired. Yet it will soon disappear once you reach Aling-aling waterfall for the beautiful landscape waterfall will remove all your fatigue.
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