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    Coban Lawe Water Fall

    Ponorogo so much to save natural resources has not been in exposure, particularly in the eastern direction of the city district Pulung, District Pudak and Sooko.
    The natural potential is still unexploited and "virgin", though still a route to the location of the macadam road and the trail is not a problem and will be paid by the beauty and the fresh water that flows very swift despite panaspun season. 33 Km from Town Square of Ponorogo undertaken in 56 minutes. From Town Square we headed to the east District of Pulung, on the trip will be treated to beautiful green hills in the area of plantation of eucalyptus oil, if using a personal vehicle after oil plant pistil wood we will find gasoline POM prior to the location. Entering the intersection / Police Sector Pulung we will be treated to a wide range of culinary ranging from satay, pecel rice until gegog rice around the market Pulung, a few minutes later on the right side of the road you will find a paddy field which is very interesting not least with paddy headliner in Bali, we arrived at the Village Office Krisik, if we use the vehicle roda4 in last place where we parked, the road to Coban Lawe can only be passed with two-wheeled vehicles, about 500 meters from the highway (front fork in the village office Krisik).

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