Kondang Iwak beach is exotic beach located in Tulungrejo Village, Donomulyo District of Malang Regency, where the beach was rarely touched by humans with white sand mixed with black iron sand. With a length of up to 800 meter stretch of sand and rocks are large in shoreline add exotica of this beach.

Every year, this beach has a week promotion Kondang Iwak Beach or Pekan Promosi Pantai Kondang Iwak (Pakon) which started in 2012, this event was enlivened by a variety of entertainment, such as Campursari, dangdut music and other events. And at its peak Pakon activity was closed by ports or float an offering that activities such as bobbing for goods offerings to the sea.


Not easy to reach this beach, located in the hamlet of Sumberpucung, Tulungrejo Village, Donomulyo District of Malang. When it will enter the coastal territory will pass along the 3 km macadam road because it is more advisable for off road towards Kondang Iwak beach. Especially when it rains, the field is greater because the rocks will be slippery and difficult to pass a vehicle. But all weighed impassable terrain to be paid by the beauty presented by Kondang Iwak Beach.