Kedung Pedut, a name of beautiful waterfall in Kulonprogo, exactly in Kembang hamlet, Jatimulyo village, Girimulyo district of Kulonprogo. Kedung pedut has two pools with different colors. The pool one coloured white and the other in light-green.

To go to the location of Kedung Pedut, you still have to walk from the parking lot past the footpath. It can harm you if you go down this footpath because the road was a bit slippery. Along the path to the location of many merchants who sell a variety of food and drinks. For the Journey towards the location of the parking structure, takes 15 minutes. You will pass through the wooden bridge of bamboo. From the bridge that we could enjoy the beauty of the falls. Although the facilities here are still sober, because it still has not been long in the open, sure you will be satisfied with its natural beauty.