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    The Great Amuntai Temple, Hindu Temple Site in Amuntai - Banjarmasin

    The Great Amuntai Temple is a Hindu temple site in the village of Amuntai near the Sungai Malang, Central Amuntai District, South Kalimantan. The temple is a relic of the Kingdom of Amuntai Negaradipa and was built by master craftsman Jatmika in the 14th century AD. This kingdom gave later birth to the Kingdom of Daha di Negeri and the Kingdom of Banjarmasin. According to legend, the Hindu kingdom Negaradipa was founded in 1438 at the junction of three rivers, Tabalong, Balangan, and the Negeri. The Negaradipa Kingdom later developed into the city of Amuntai

    The Great Amuntai Temple is thought to be about 740 years old and is made from wood and stone, but its condition is still good. Archeologist found some historical artifacts at this site from 200 BC.

    The Agung temple is one of the interesting tourism places in South Kalimantan.

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    Candi / Temple Agung itself is located in Sungai Malang village, Amuntai Tengah district, Hulu Sungai Utara regency. The trip is only taken about 1 km from Amuntai town to the temple complex.

    Since you walk around the complex, you will not find the temple building like Prambanan Temple, Mendut Temple and Borobudur Temple. There are only a few blocks of bricks as high as 25 cm that are not in standard bricks size, because they are heavier and stronger in structure. Some of these chunks are covered with a cupola lid to protect it.

    The Agung Temple itself is the remnants of ancient buildings from the classical period, Dipa State Kingdom period. Agung Temple estimated to have been 740 years aged. Amuntai Agung Temple made of wood and stone material, but its condition is still sturdy. Found several historical relics that were around 200 BC.
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