Bali is famous with the culture, traditions and also the nature. Beach is one of the main attractions of tourism in Bali. There is some famous beach that of course you know, such as Kuta, Sanur, Dreamland, and Nusa Dua Beach, etc. But have you ever know about Suluban Beach?

Yes, Suluban Beach is also one of the most exotic beaches in Bali. It is located at a few kilometers north Uluwatu. ‘Suluban’ derives from Balinese word which means ‘walking or passing under something’. The beach named Suluban, because the visitors have to pass through the coral reef cave before reaching its wide sandy beach. When you pass the coral reef cave, it will be amazing experience. And when you pass the coral reef cave, you will find a beautiful white sandy beach. It’s Very Beautiful.

Beautiful view of Suluban Beach is not the only one interesting thing of this beach. Suluban Beach also has a large wave that very well for surfing, so that this beach also becomes one of the most famous beaches for surfing.

Beautiful view of Suluban Beach can make the visitors are comfortable, enjoy with their holiday. Besides that, they can take some pictures of the amazing view of Suluban Beach.