Beach always becomes a nice destination to visit because sometimes, approaching ourselves to the nature can be so relieving and refreshing. Gunung Kidul is rich of so many natural beaches that are potential to be tourism destinations. One of them is Ngusalan beach.

Ngusalan beach is located in Gunungkidul, the Wediombo coastal region about 50km southeast of the city of Yogyakarta. From Wonosari the Ngsalan beach is about 40 km to the south. This beach is located in the middle of basically nowhere so not many people visit this beach. However, the Ngusalan beach is not any less beautiful than other beaches south of Yogyakarta.

Since not many visitors come here the surroundings at Ngusalan are still very natural and clean. One of the main attractions on Ngusalan beach is that tourists can hunt sea snail found off the coast. But you can also see some real marine habitats of creatures like oysters, lobster, shrimp and several types of seaweed, all still very well preserved.
Just few hundred meters northeast from the beach is a cave, a nice place to hang out if you are tired of the sun. Inside the cave are several stalactites and stalagmites.

Getting to Ngusalan beach is best done by renting a car or motorbike. Otherwise you would first need to get to Wonosari, from there head to Jepitu. In Jepitu you can get an ojek or taxi which will get you to the beach.