Waiara beach or often by local people called Sa'o beach, is a favorite holiday destination in Maumere and many domestic tourists and foreigners visit this beach.

Waiara beach is located almost 10 km from Maumere town, in Sikka's sub-district, East Nusa Tenggara province. Even though it has black sand, Waiara beach is a good place to discover whats under the water in front of the beach. Many go snorkeling or diving at this beach to see the beauty of the coral and colorful organism in the sea.

For those who want stay longer you can rent a villa or hotel at Waiara beach. Some also rent complete diving equipment and guides to take you to the best diving spot. If you are here don't forget to watch a sunset or sunrise, it is a special sight with sea eagles flying around in the sky.

Waiara beach can be easily reached with public vehicles or private from Maumere town, the trip takes only 20 minutes. Enjoy your trip in East Nusa Tenggara with the beautiful beach in Maumere town.