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    Kilo Lima Beach, Luwuk - Central Sulawesi

    Kilo Lima Beach, the name derived from the distance of the beach from Luwuk City (kilo mean kilometer and lima means five). It is just 5 kilometers from Luwuk City, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia.

    Most beaches are known well for their amazing sunset view, Kilo Lima Beach has a magnificent sunrise view but you need to get up really early (5am) to enjoy it though. But you can skip the sunrise too and head out here later in the day and you will still be welcomed with a beautiful view.

    Kilo Lima Beach has soft white sand and the calm and clear water is just begging you to take a dive and swim in the sea. If you are a dive lover, you can go diving here too.

    But you don't need to swim and dive all day right, so good to know there are several cafes around the beach. Make sure to try the fried rice, fried banana and fresh juices here.

    Access go to beach is only 5 kilometers from Luwuk City and it is located near a main road so it is easy to reach here by private vehicle or public transportation.

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