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    Batanta Island, the Small Virgin Island in Raja Ampat

    Batanta Island is the smallest of the four main islands of the Raja Ampat archipelago. It is mostly interesting for nature-lovers, as most of the island is made up of rugged mountains covered with dense rainforest. It is one of the most fascinating islands in West Papua. The island is like a virgin island because there are still many areas of the island waiting for exploration. Hence, it is one of the islands in West Papua that is valuable to be explored. The island is not too large. Even, you can see the mountains which are near the coast. You can easily access the mountain from the beach. If you want to explore the entire island, you can even travel by boat.

    Batanta Island is situated in the west of Sorong, the mainland city near Raja Ampat. The island is one the four main islands in the archipelago of Raja Ampat. You can reach the island by sea transportation. The only easiest way to reach the island is by renting a cheaper boat from Sorong.

    There are many exciting activities you can do here. Most activities are actually suitable for those who love exploration. Among the activities you can do include, hiking, bird-watching, diving and snorkeling. For hikers, Batanta offers exciting prospects. Recreational hiking is surely unknown here as the area around the mountain has not been developed optimum. However, you can ask local people there to guide you to do bird-watching in the forest. Bird-watching is an interesting activity as you can find various species of birds, including sulphur-crested cockatoos, palm cockatoo andcassowary. For diving and snorkeling, there are many good spots available. Travelling to the island will give you the most exciting experience in your life. You will have an unforgettable experience in this incredible Batanta Island.

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    Explore Batanta Island - The Island That Famous With Its Stunning Waterfalls

    The most popular activities in Batanta Island are explore around. Aside from the beautiful beaches, this island is also popular with its stunning waterfalls. The location is in the nearest village, but it takes a little trekking to reach the location. At the very least, it takes a distance of about 1 km to reach the waterfall! Although the journey make us tired to reach such a beautiful tourist destination, travelers can enjoy nature perfectly. Moreover, the view is covered with lush trees so that the air becomes fresher. Not to mention other travelers will be a good companion when exploring Batanta Island. Adventure here is by no means a lonely adventure.

    As mentioned before, Batanta Island has a beautiful waterfall. It is around 10 meters high and is equipped with refreshing water and stunning natural scenery. Close to the falls, some river rocks gracefully scattered! Visitors can climb this rock and take pictures with your best camera. The problem is, these rocks are quite slippery, so you better be careful and don't slip up, that could endanger yourself. Another feature of the waterfall is the small cave located behind it. Its size is small so that it can only hold about 5 people.

    Batanta Island is also popular with its attractive traditional villages, where travelers can explore and learn. Local culture and food are the main attractions in these villages. Villagers also provide the opportunity for backpackers to live in their homes. In this case, you must learn how to communicate with them well. As an alternative, some homestays are available with very good quality there.

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