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    Banyak Island, Favorite Tourist Destination in Singkil - Aceh

    Banyak Island is marine tourist destination that recently become a favorite destination by the locals or foreign tourist. Every year the number of visitors increase especially on holidays. Banyak Islands is a group of small islands in Aceh Singkil Regency, Aceh Province. The total area is around 27.2 hectares. The island faces directly to Hindia Ocean, precisely at the edge of the west in Sumatra Island. There are around 99 small islands that have been developing become tourist destination, including the existence of turtles and marine life.

    Banyak Islands also has long and wide coastline. The beauty of the island is comparable than other islands in Aceh. White sand, breeze and countless of coconut trees give different panorama as you visit the island. That is why the tropical islands become main attraction in this place. Hunting the panorama of sunset becomes one of activity for local visitors.

    The location Banyak Island can be reached through Pulo Saruk Village, Aceh Singkil by ferry for about four hours. From Medan, you can take a travel car. Or, you also can take a flight from Medan Ė Singkil by a small plane. The transportation from Singkil to the airport can be reached by minibus. From Singkil to Banyak Island, you can take a traditional boat in Jembatan Tinggi Port that departs daily. The ferry provide the route Singkil Ė Banyak Islands.

    Surfing is one of activity you can do when you visit Banyak Islands. There are 12 surfing spots with six height around Bangkaru Island, at the edge of Silingar and at the south of Tuangku Island. The most attractive surfing spots for surfers are at Amandangan and Pelanggaran Beach at Bangkaru Island. The wave of Banyak Island will tease the surfers because it has ideal length and height with cool water and less sharks.

    Besides surfing, snorkeling is one of activity you may not miss. The beauty of marine life can be seen easily. Firstly, you can snorkel at the shallow water by taking a traditional boat which is having glass bottom. Secondly, you can wear snorkeling equipment and go to snorkeling spots around the island.

    The next activity you can do when you visit Banyak Island is exploring the island. You can do trekking to explore the stretch of tropical forest. Besides that, donít miss to visit Sarang Burung Walet Cave and Kelelawar Cave as well. Whereas, Tuangku Island forest offers you Buaya Muara (Crocodylus Porosus). The last place you can visit as you come to Banyak Islands is visiting turtle conservation. You will see many species of turtle as you visit the conservation area. So, if you visit Aceh, donít forget to enjoy this beauty Banyak Island.

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    History of Banyak Archipelago

    Banyak Island is a district in Aceh Singkil regency (Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, Indonesia) and the capital regency on Balai Island. Balai Island is the trade center of Banyak archipelago because there are many economic transaction between residents. Besides it has full facilities in the appeal of other islands in Banyak archipelago. Banyak Island has a land area of 135 km2 and a sea area of 200,000.

    Banyak archipelago consists of large and small islands. Her largest island is Tuangku island, Bangkaru island, Ujung Batu island and Palambak Besar island. There are three languages spoken in these islands that Aneuk Jamee Language, Holoban Language and Nias Language. Aneuk Jamee languages spoken by tribes Aneuk Jamee. Besides this language is the lingua franca for the three ethnic Indonesian archipelago, besides Bahasa. Haloban languages spoken by tribes Haloban while the Nias language spoken by ethnic Nias.

    Banyak Island divided into two districts, are:
    - Banyak Island District, consist of three villages are; Balai island, Baguk island, and Nibung gulf.
    - Banyak land island, consist of four villages are; Holoban, Asantola, Ujung Sialit and Suka Makmur.

    Banyak islands is one of the marine destination which is very fascinating. As an archipelago, of course, have a fairly extensive sea too long and beautiful beaches. More soft white sand, often spoil the tourists linger spend holidays. Waving palm leaves that shade the more beauty the atmosphere of your outing with the natural landscape of tropical beach.

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