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    Mie Aceh, Traditional Culinary From Aceh

    Mie Aceh is a spicy noodle dish with chopped beef, goat meat or seafood such as shrimp and squid. Mie Aceh basically served in savory curry soup and spicy. The name of Mie Aceh has taken from origins place is Aceh. Because it feels different from the typical noodle dishes in Indonesia.

    In the manufacturing process, Mie Aceh using a typical noodles with thick and flat shapes. Unlike the other noodles, the color tends to be bright yellow, so add to the beauty of the dish on. Spice in use is some kind of curry spice which is the typical seasonings that give a taste of the typical culinary dishes in this one.

    In the presentation, Mie Aceh are present in three kinds like fried noodles (dry), noodle soup and Fried noodle wet. For meat that is in use can be customize with our tastes, because it does not reduce the taste and delicacy of the noodle. Menu to complement the presentation of Mie Aceh can usually added fried onions, crackers, cucumber, and lemon.

    The uniqueness of this cuisine are additional ingredients used are beef, goat meat or seafood. The noodle dishes in general there are many Indonesia uses chicken as an additional ingredient in the noodles presentation. In addition the gravy in use is a kind of curry gravy is thick and savory. Noodle dishes in General in Indonesia tend to use clear and creamy gravy. The uniqueness gives a distinctive taste that is in it.

    Mie Aceh has become one of the very popular cuisine. So can this one dish we find at roadside stalls in Aceh. This very one on culinary recommend what is when you pay a visit to Aceh. Many people say,that it was not complete when a visit to Aceh without tasting the typical dishes of this one.

    Image source: http://bisikan.com/ http://klikhotel.com/
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    i love mie aceh...delicious..
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    look attractive too. food tastes good

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    is that seafood what I was seeing on those dish?

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