Sadranan Beach is exotic beach with white sand beaches that are not less interesting than similar beaches in Bali. It is one of the natural touristic places which is frequently visited by visitor locals or foreign. They usually spend their leisure time and get rid of the routine. The beach, however, is not just a place for a holiday. For the local people, beside it is a place to earn for a living, Sadranan beach is considered as a place to conduct religious activities. Originally, the name of Sadranan is derived from the Javanese word "nyadran" which means ritual activity of offering to God or thanksgiving ceremony performed by fishermen. This activity is held in order to show their gratitude to God, the creator of the sea, for the prosperity and abundant fish catch. Nyadran is one way to remind the people of His power through His creation; ocean, mountain, sky and anything we can see and touch. For this reason, the local people conduct Nyadran ceremony to fuse together into His power with gratitude for God's blessings.

Beside it is an important place for the local people to earn for a living, Sadranan beach is a favorite place for the tourists who visit Gunungkidul touristic areas. Sadranan beach is not only known as one of the white sandy paradises along the southern part of Pegunungan Seribu, but also as a favorite spot for water sport called snorkeling. Sadranan beach is located in Pulegundes II village, Sidoharjo, Tepus, Gunungkidul. Sadranan beach is fairly popular although the location of the beach is quite hidden, flanked by Krakal beach, Slili beach, and Ngandong beach which are wellknown by the visitors.

For those who are spending their holiday in Yogyakarta, you can enjoy the beautiful white sandy of Sadranan beach, the clear seawater with the underwater life and colourful ridge of sea rock where various fish live, or you can just walk along the seashore and enjoy the wonderful sunset.