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    Enjoy Fresh Seafood in Depok Beach, Bantul

    Depok Beach is a popular beach attraction is located about 30 km from the city of Yogyakarta, adjacent to Parangtritis Beach and Parangkusumo Beach. This beach you must visit if you're travel to Yogyakarta.

    Depok Beach is famous for its food. This beach is apparently designed as a culinary tourist center to enjoy fresh seafood directly from the fishing lure. There are some traditional food stalls selling seafood that is not far from the beach. Some south-facing beaches are specially designed so that the buyer can eat while enjoying the view of the waves along the coast.

    Various seafood dishes you can enjoy in this place. The most popular dish is tuna. There was also a white snapper, red snapper, pomfret, crab, squid, and many more. You can order a wide variety of fish and other sea food directly at the fish auction, then you can ask the fish cooked by fire or fried.

    Nuance of this beach is the coastal food stalls and activities of the fishermen who have grown since a dozen years ago. The number of fish that they catch big enough each month, so that local residents opened a Fish Landing Base (PPI), after it is equipped with a fish auction place (TPI) named Mina Bahari 45.

    In addition, Depok Beach also has a rare and stunning scenery that is rare sand dunes and there is only one in Southeast Asia. It is a rare event that is rarely found in the tropics. In the sand dunes you can enjoy a vast expanse of sand in a desert like.

    To enjoy all the beauty and enjoy a variety of seafood, you can visit whenever they are Depok Beach when you travel to Yogyakarta, via the same route as the Parangtritis Beach from the city center. However, once you arrive at the ticket box to Parangtritis Beach, you turn right to Depok Beach.
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