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    Gerupuk Beach, The Surfing Spot in Lombok

    Gerupuk Beach is one of the surfing spot in Central Lombok. It is situated in the south coastal of Lombok Island. Southeast of the beach are five different spots to satisfy even the most discerning of surfers. The spots have local names as well as international ones given them by foreign surfers: Batu Teong (Dondon), Prigi (Inside), Giligoleng (Outside), Batu Lawang (Kids Point) and Terasaq (Outside Left). The waves at these five spots are very wild, frequently reaching as high as 3 meters, and many surfers are challenged into conquering them.

    White sands and scenic views are characteristic of Gerupuk Beach and attract visitors from mostly foreign countries. A climb up a small hill in the east offers a spectacular view of the entire beach and an enchanted sunset in the late afternoons. After spending one's time on the beach, visitors can stroll and check out the village nearby. Along the street are cafes owned by the locals, some of whom have converted their houses into homestays. Colorful tents offer glimpses into the local women cleaning seaweed to be stored in big packages to be sent to Java and Bali. The locals are mostly fishermen, seaweed farmers and fish breeders who utilize floating fishing platforms and nets. The fishermen also rent their boats to surfers. It is also interesting to visit the Oceanography Conservation Center nearby to learn about the various sea biota and ecosystem.
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